About the blog – I think my tagline and initial entry are pretty explanatory, but I’ll break it down in case there’s any confusion.  I plan to

  • Listen to one Beatles song every day
  • Write about what I know about the song going in, what I dig up about it researching online (and if I miss something you think is important/interesting, please do enlighten me in the comments section), and how I personally feel about the song
  • Share a link for the song of the day so you can listen too

About the blogger – On the negative side, I am broke and unemployed.  On the plus side, I love writing and listening to music.  I am in no way, shape, or form doing this for profit.

**As of 6/6/14, I can happily say I’m no longer unemployed.  I’m still working on the broke part, though.

About the title – For those who don’t know, “and the band begins to play” are lyrics from The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine.”

Why “Yellow Submarine?” –  The year was 2001.  I was ten years old and sharing a seat on your typical American yellow school bus with my best friend.  That year we were in separate classes – I was in section A and she was in section B, quite the drama – so field trips were the only time we could spend together.  I have no idea where we were going on this particular field trip, so it probably was lame.  I do remember that my friend and I were also sharing a Walkman (I’ll give you a minute if you need to look that up) and a CD she stole from her parents – “1.”  She had a short attention span and had already listened to the album once, so she insisted I skip to track 15, which was her favorite.  I’m always one for a good story-song, so I obliged.  I remember being into the melody and the words, but I wasn’t completely hooked… and then the band began to play.  You know the part – where the actual brass band comes in.  It was so surprising and cacophonic that I burst out laughing, which made my friend start laughing.  We laughed until we cried, until our sides hurt, until the rest of the bus was looking at us funny.  For the rest of the week I would randomly remember that segue and burst out laughing wherever I was.

…And that’s my first memory of listening to The Beatles.


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