Day 277: “You’ll Be Mine”

When was it recorded?   Spring/summer 1960

When was it first released, and on which album?   Nov. 20, 1995 on “Anthology 1”

Who wrote it?   Lennon/McCartney

Have I heard this song before?   No

What my research dug up:

“You’ll Be Mine” is the earliest-known song written by Lennon-McCartney to be released.  It’s a parody of American doo-wop group The Ink Spots. I was so sure I had written about them before on this blog, but a very quick search told no, I did not. So. The Ink Spots were popular in the 1930s & ‘40s. According to Wikipedia, “The group was widely accepted in both the white and black communities, largely due to the ballad style introduced to the group by lead singer Bill Kenny.” They were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1989. Here’s a taste.

… I literally just watched a movie with that song in it.  Weird.

Quoth the Beatles Bible, “‘You’ll Be Mine’ was taped at 20 Forthlin Road, Liverpool [Paul’s home], during a time when The Beatles were finding it hard to make headway as a group. The recordings are the only ones known which feature Stuart Sutcliffe on bass guitar.” Be warned, it’s not just the audio quality that makes the short song hard to understand – as Wikipedia points out, “clicks, buzzes, fuzz, giggling, and the baritone voice obscure the lyrics.”

I was entertained, but again, it’s a low bar.  As a parody of the Ink Spots’ style it’s definitely effective.




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