Day 218: “A Shot of Rhythm and Blues”

When was it recorded?   Aug. 1, 1963

When was it first released, and on which album?   Nov. 30, 1994 on “Live at the BBC”

Who wrote it?   Terry Thompson

Have I heard this song before?   No

What my research dug up:

Terry Thompson wrote “A Shot of Rhythm and Blues,” and that’s literally all I could find about him. American musician Arthur Alexander (who I talked about way back on Day 12: “Anna (Go to Him)”) recorded the first version of the song. Contrary to the year on the video I’ve linked to, it was originally released in 1961 as a B-side to his single “You Better Move On.”

The Beatles, who were fans of Alexander’s, recorded “A Shot of Rhythm and Blues” three times for BBC Radio in 1963.

  1. Jun. 1 for Jun. 18’s “Pop Go the Beatles”
  2. Jul. 17 for Jul. 21’s “Easy Beat”
  3. Aug. 1 for Aug. 27’s “Pop Go the Beatles”

The final version appeared on 1994’s “Live at the BBC” compilation.

The Fab Four also toyed around with “A Shot of Rhythm and Blues” during 1969’s Get Back sessions.




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