Day 146: “Lend Me Your Comb”

When was it recorded?   Jul. 2, 1963

When was it first released, and on which album?   Nov. 21, 1995 on “Anthology 1”

Who wrote it?   Kay Twomey, Ben Weisman and Fred Wise

Have I heard this song before?   No

What my research dug up:

Another three-fer, American songwriters Kay Twomey, Ben Weisman and Fred Wise wrote “Lend Me Your Comb.” According to my sources, that trio often worked together, although they individually penned a number of other songs. Beatles idol Carl Perkins recorded the first version of “Comb,” and it appeared as the B-side to his “Glad All Over” single in Dec. 1957. His brother and bandmate Jay also provides vocals on the track.

Quoth the Beatles Bible, “‘Lend Me Your Comb’ had been a part of the group’s stage act since the late 1950s.” Here’s a version from “Live at the Star Club” recorded in Hamburg in 1962.

The Beatles also recorded “Lend Me Your Comb” for “Pop Go the Beatles” on Jul. 2, 1963. This show aired 14 days later. For some reason, the other songs from this recording session appeared on the 1994 compilation “Live at the BBC,” but “Lend Me Your Comb” was held back for release, appearing the next year on “Anthology 1.” The same recording also appeared on last year’s “On Air – Live at the BBC Vol. 2.”

Eh. I guess I’m not in a rockabilly mood tonight because I’m not feeling it.

Post-Beatles, both Paul and John recorded versions of “Lend Me Your Comb.”  John recorded his version for the soundtrack to the 1971 short film “Clock,” and Paul sang along with Carl Perkins in the 1993 video “Old Friends” (he also talks about learning how to play it back in the ’50s at the end of the video here).





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