Day 129: “I’m So Tired”

When was it recorded?  Oct. 8, 1968

When was it first released, and on which album?  Nov. 22, 1968 on “The Beatles”

Who wrote it?  Lennon

Have I heard this song before?  Yes

What my research dug up:

John wrote “I’m So Tired” at the meditation camp in Rishikesh where the Beatles studied at with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. According to the Beatles Bible he wrote it “three weeks in” to the retreat. Quoth the BB, “Free from drink and drugs for the first time in years, [John] found his thoughts abnormally focused, even if this meant suffering from temporary insomnia.”

Rolling Stone wrote John was also “obsessing over Yoko Ono, whom he had wanted to invite along despite the presence of his wife, Cynthia… ‘I’m So Tired’ detailed Lennon’s fragile state of mind. It was also an open letter to Ono, whose postcards to Lennon in India were a lifeline. ‘I got so excited about her letters,’ he said. ‘I started thinking of her as a woman, and not just an intellectual woman.’”

“’I’m So Tired’ is very much John’s comment to the world, and it had that very special line, ‘And curse Sir Walter Raleigh, he was such a stupid get [sic].’ That’s a classic line and it’s so John that there’s no doubt that he wrote it. I think it’s 100 percent John. Being tired was one of his themes; he wrote ‘I’m Only Sleeping.’ I think we were all pretty tired but he chose to write about it.” — Paul McCartney (Barry Miles, Many Years From Now)

A demo of “I’m So Tired” was recorded at George’s home in Esher in May 1968. The spoken middle section was later omitted, though it may have been transferred to “Happiness is a Warm Gun” (which talked about on Day 82). It’s similar to part of “Happiness” at any rate, a demo of which was also recorded at Esher.

The Beatles recorded and completed the White Album version of “I’m So Tired” in one session on Oct. 8. According to the Beatles Bible, “‘I’m So Tired’ was the first song to be taped, and was completed in 14 takes.”

A “bonus” version of “I’m So Tired” composed of Takes 3, 6 & 9 appears on “Anthology 3.”

Huh. I hadn’t heard that version before, but I really like it.




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